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How to use LATOM on Ferro to earn rewards

After staking ATOM, you will receive LATOM which is the token receipt of liquid staked ATOM.
Step 1: Navigate to the Use LATOM section, which is located on the Staking page. On this tab, you will find Ferro listed in a card. Click Add liquidity to be directed to Ferro.
Step 2: Input the amount of LATOM that you would like to add to the LATOM-ATOM pool. Then, review the details and click Supply Now to proceed.
Step 3: Confirm the transaction on your wallet. It shall take no more than a minute to complete.
Step 4: Congratulations! You have successfully supplied your LATOM on Ferro and received LATOM-ATOM-LP.
Step 5: Plant your LP tokens in Ferro Garden by clicking the Plant LATOM-ATOM-LP button.
Step 6: Input the LATOM-ATOM-LP amount that you want to deposit. Click the Plant LCRO-CRO-LP button to initiate the transaction request.
Step 7: Review the transaction details on your wallet and click confirm to proceed. Once the transaction is completed, it will display the amount of LP token that you planted on Ferro Garden.
Afterwards, you can grow your garden to boost your rewards. For details, please refer to How to earn with Ferro Garden.