Staking APY

The Staking APY displayed on Veno is calculated based on the increase of the exchange rate from CRO to LCRO in the last 24 hours compounded daily.

Using the change in the LCRO exchange rate as the base for the Staking APY means that it reflects the real earnings from holding LCRO and that users do not have to think about validator commission or protocol fees.

At launch, Veno will be using the change in the LCRO exchange rate over the last 24 hours. When more data is available, this will be switched to the last 7 days instead. This aims to provide a more consistent APY estimate.

Staking APY of ATOM, TIA, and ETH is calculated in a similar manner.

Additionally, at launch the Staking APY is calculated from a daily compounding rate, however in reality Veno compounds much more frequently than that. After gathering enough data, the calculation will be switched to a compounding rate that better reflects Veno’s real compounding rate. We err on the side of caution to advertise realistic returns to users.

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