Dashboard allows you to view your lifetime earnings, pending earnings, transaction history as well as the historical staking APY. Check out the graphs and FAQ sections below to learn more about this feature.


Q: What are lifetime earnings?

A: Lifetime earnings are the sum of all the staking rewards the connected wallet has earned by holding the liquid tokens (LCRO, LATOM, and LETH).

Q: What are pending earnings?

A: Pending earnings are the sum of all staking rewards a wallet can receive if they unstake all their held liquid tokens.

Q: How are liquid token holdings determined?

A: To calculate lifetime and pending earnings, Veno will consider all liquid tokens held in your wallet or deposited into a tracked protocol. Currently the only tracked protocol is Ferro.

Q: What if I receive liquid tokens without staking?

A: Veno does not distinguish the source of liquid tokens. As it looks only at inflows and outflows of liquid tokens. Earnings are determined by the change of the exchange rate based on liquid tokens held. Exceptions are made for transfers into tracked protocols such as Ferro.

Q: What if I transfer out liquid tokens without selling or unstaking?

A: Unless transferred into a tracked protocol, Veno treats all outflows of liquid tokens equally as realizing earnings relative to the liquid token amount held at the time of the outflow.

Q: How is the liquid token price determined?

A: Using LCRO as an example, all earnings are denominated in CRO. For each block the CRO value of LCRO is dictated by Veno’s internal exchange rate. Prices of the other liquid tokens are calculated in the same manner.

Q: How can I receive the pending earnings?

A: The displayed pending earnings are realized by unstaking all held liquid tokens, including those staked in tracked protocols. Note that additional transaction costs are not considered.

Q: What if I deposit LCRO together with CRO into the Liquidity LP pool?

A: Veno will track the earnings based on the amount of LCRO relative to the total amount valued in CRO deposited to mint the LP. It is calculated in the same manner for LATOM.

Q: What if I was sent Ferro LCRO-WCRO-LP Tokens?

A: The LCRO-WCRO LP sent will be attributed based on the amount of LCRO that originally went into minting the LP. It is calculated in the same manner for LATOM.

Q: What is the difference between Net APY and Gross APY in the Real Staking APY Graph?

A: Net APY is the actual staking APY after deduction of management fees. Whereas Gross APY is before the deduction of management fees.

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