Liquid TIA Staking

TIA Staking

Users can stake their TIA on the Stake TIA page to receive LTIA based on the latest internal exchange rate. Veno will bridge users' TIA from Cronos chain to CosmosHub, which will be staked and auto-compounded on the CosmosHub validators selected by Veno.

TIA Unstaking

Users can unstake their TIA on Veno, upon which their LTIA will be burnt, and wait up to 24 days to receive their TIA back, based on the exchange rate. There will also be a small withdrawal fee of 0.2% on unstaked TIA. Note: TIA takes 21 days to unstake on CosmosHub, and unstaking will be performed in batches every 3 days, hence the maximum wait time of up to 24 days.

Upon requesting to unstake their TIA, users will receive an NFT representing their claimable TIA as of a specific date, which can be transferred/sold on selected third party NFT platforms during or after the 21-24 day waiting period to further enhance users’ liquidity. Note: The unstaked TIA will be claimable for the NFT owner at the end of the waiting period. So do hold on to the NFT if you wish to receive the unstaked TIA.

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