How to buy CRO with fiat

Step 1: Click the “Connect Wallet” button on the upper right in the Home Page. Click “Get CRO” to direct to Transak.

Step 2: Input the fiat amount and select the fiat currency and payment method that you want to buy CRO with. Review the exchange rate and the total fees per transaction. Click “Buy Now” if the information is correct.

For first time users, you will have to complete their KYC process, which is listed in Step 3 - 5. Jump to Step 6 if you have already completed their KYC process.

Step 3: Enter your email address and click “Continue” when finished. The system will then send you a 6 digits verification code to your email address. Input the verification code to complete the email verification process.

Step 4: Followed by 3 KYC Steps. Input the required personal details, address and social security number for verification. Click “Continue” when completed in each step. When you finish the 3 KYC steps, your information will be viewed by Transak. If the account is approved for trading, you will receive a notification for reference.

Step 5: Afterwards, you may add your credit card information to the account.

Step 6: Review your visa card number, wallet address and transaction details in this transaction. Click “Confirm” to approve the transaction. Congratulations! You have successfully bought CRO with fiat on Veno.

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