How to withdraw early in Fountain?

Step 1: Enter Veno Fountain and click into the locking period that you would like to withdraw your locked $VNO from before the maturity period ends.

Step 2: Click the drop down menu to view your “Deposits” and tap “Withdraw early with penalty”.

Step 3: Review the amount of penalty fees and withdrawal. If you want to initiate a transaction request, click “Confirm”. Note that the penalty in the 96 Months period is 90%. For $10 locked VNO, you will have to pay $9 VNO as penalty.

Step 4: Review the transaction details on your wallet. When it is confirmed, the Veno app will display a Transaction Completed message and you will be able to withdraw a portion of your locked $VNO and the harvested cumulative $VNO. Note that the amount of harvested $VNO is subject to the time you have locked your $VNO in that specific locking period and its corresponding APY.

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