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How to Unstake CRO

Step 1: Click the Staking tab and navigate to Unstake CRO.
Step 2: Input the desired LCRO amount for unstaking. Note that your CRO will undergo at least a 28 days unbonding period upon unstaking. The unstaking requests are being processed in 4 day batches. Resulting in the total unstaking time might go up to 32 days.
Step 3: Click Unstake to proceed.
Step 4: Review the amount to unstake, the withdrawal fee and the expected unlock date. Click Confirm unstaking to submit the request
Step 5: Confirm the transaction on your wallet.
Step 6: When the transaction is completed, you will receive a NFT which represents your share of CRO when it is undergoing its unbonding period. You can either hold this NFT until expiry or sell it on Minted to others.
Step 7: Click View NFT to browse on Minted.