Veno Finance

How to earn with Ferro Garden

Here is a step by step guide for Ferro Garden:
Once you receive your LCRO-CRO-LP tokens, you can plant your LP tokens into Ferro Garden to earn VNO.
Step 1: Head to Ferro Garden and input the LCRO-CRO-LP amount that you want to deposit. Click “Plant LCRO-CRO-LP” to initiate the transaction request.
Step 2: Review the transaction details on your wallet and click confirm to proceed. Once the transaction is completed, it will display the amount of LP token that you planted on Ferro Garden.
Step 3: Watering allows you to boost your VNO earnings for all gardens, which is done by locking VNO into the Fountain and Reservoir. To do so, click “Grow your Garden” after you planted your LCRO-CRO-LP or click “Grow” in your Ferro Garden Page. You may choose to lock VNO on Reservoir or Fountain based on your investment strategies.
Step 4: Assuming you choose to lock VNO in Reservoir, click the Reservoir card. Input the VNO amount that you would like to deposit. Then, review the details on the app. Click “Lock VNO now” to initiate the transaction request.
For details of how to lock VNO in Reservoir and Fountain, please refer to the following pages on Gitbook.
Step 5: After you have locked your VNO in Reservoir or Fountain, the app will show your active watering boost level and multiplier information on the Grow Page.
Step 6: To view and harvest your VNO rewards, click “Harvest” in Ferro Garden. You will be able see the pending rewards and the VNO distribution. To claim VNO rewards, select Reservoir or Fountain. Then, tab “Harvest” to initiate the transaction.
Step 7: Go through the transaction details on your wallet. Click “Confirm” to approve the transaction request. Once it is completed, you will be able to view the harvested VNO amount and the corresponding VNO allocation on the app. Congratulations! You have earned VNO with Ferro Garden!